“I definitely recommend Global Affairs Associates for their impeccable integrity, professionalism, and expert knowledge of the morphing sustainability field.”

Vice President, Health, Safety, and Environment


Sustainability Reporting Strategy

A publicly traded company was at the beginning of its ESG reporting journey. The executive team knew they needed to begin reporting more ESG information, and sought professional advice on how to proceed. GAA produced a multi-year sustainability reporting strategy unique to the Company’s objectives and financial considerations to guide the Company’s decisions regarding disclosure. By beginning with a strategy based on a materiality assessment, the company saved, and continues to save, significant time and effort in its reporting efforts.


“GAA took a lot of disparate information and put it into a report that made sense and positioned us well publicly.”

Vice President, Human Resources


Sustainability Report

When the company’s point person for the annual sustainability report abruptly left, GAA was able to jump in to produce a scaled back report for that year. The company also hired GAA for the subsequent year’s report. The company was sold in 2018.


“From my past experience, the ability to deliver the quality that Global Affairs Associates delivered for this cost is unmatched.”

Vice President, Health, Safety, and Environment



ESG Investor Questionnaires 

A publicly traded company was in the process of responding to a variety ESG questionnaires for the first time. GAA provided comments on their drafts to help clarify what was being asked, explain the context behind the questions, and suggest which areas were truly relevant to the company. 


"We appreciate the comments GAA provided and we incorporated them into our final submission. Their insights were helpful and added value."   

Director, Investor Relations

Sustainability Strategy

A publicly traded company was burned out on a sustainability approach that didn’t seem to be creating value for the company. GAA’s team performed a diagnostic study to reveal lessons learned from the past, and recommended a new strategy centered on the business objectives and challenges.



“The Global Affairs Associates team asked thorough questions about broader organizational values to help draw conclusions about sustainability at our company. They did an awesome job of synthesizing that information and putting forth great recommendations.”

Vice President, Human Resources


Peer Benchmarking Study

An oil and gas company was in the process of overhauling its sustainability report, and wanted to know how it compared to peers in terms of transparency and ESG performance. GAA completed a study of nine peers’ reports, which revealed areas of leadership and weakness compared to peers. The new information, distilled in an easy-to-read report, allowed the client to tailor communications toward its strengths, while reevaluating its performance in areas of weakness.


“We have had the pleasure of having the strong support and cooperation of Mrs. Kaitlyn Allen [of Global Affairs Associates]. Her professional experience as well as her warmth as a person have been of great value, not only for our participants, but also for us as company.”

Training Coordinator

Executive Training

A Houston-based tech company hosts technical executive trainings for the global oil and gas industry. Through an ongoing partnership with Global Collaborations, Inc., we have provided instructors for a variety of sustainability and lean management courses since 2014.

Kaitlyn Allen discusses the nexus of global risks and ESG investing at a private training.

Kaitlyn Allen discusses the nexus of global risks and ESG investing at a private training.